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Some "deuce" bags are giving us a hard time today.

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I could not begin to enlighten you when it comes to tennis as a sport. Are there specific style shots? What is the significance of the terms "love" and "deuce" replacing "zero" and "tie?" I don’t know, but in Wii Sports that is irrelevant. You don’t need to be a guru of the sport to excel at the game; you can simply pick up and play.

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If both pairs get 40 it’s deuce, with advantage taking place when a team scores a point. If the pair gets another point, they get the set; otherwise, it returns to deuce. How to Play. You hold the Wii remote as if it were a tennis racket, with the front facing toward you. Moving – Done automatically for you, so it is one less thing to worry about.

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Wii sports was the best thing that happened on the wii for mii, to bad they make a cheap port to play it on the wiiu and ask the full price again, The 2 euro (3 dollar or so) they ask for 24 hour ...

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6 - 4 and deuce wins = +50 skill If you lose a 6-point match, this is the skill formula: 0 - 6 = -150 skill 1 - 6 = -104 skill 2 - 6 = -66 skill 3 - 6 = -37 skill 4 - 6 and deuce losses = -16 skill If you win an 11-point match, this is the skill formula: 11 - 0 = +150 skill 11 - 1 = +136 skill 11 - 2 = +122 skill 11 - 3 = +109 skill

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Tennis is one of five sports available to play in Wii Sports, New Wii Sports, Wah Sports, Wii Sports Club, and New Wii Sports Club. In this game you must hit the ball over the net and make it bounce twice on the opposing team's side. The main gameplay involves using the Wii Remote like a racket and swinging it as the ball comes toward the player. The player (s) can choose to play a single game (Best of 1), two-out-of-three (Best of 3), or a three-out-of-five match (Best of 5).

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The scoring is as follows; 15 (points), 30, 40, Win (Note: If both teams score 40 points in a round a "Deuce" is declared. The next team to score a point is awarded the Advantage point (Adv). If this team successfully scores again they win the round, however, should the other team score, "Deuce" is declared again.