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Prince Vortex Triad Hybrid String. $7.50 $9.99 *. Review. Bulk Order. Volkl V-Fuse Hybrid 16/1.30 String. $22.99. Review. Bulk Order. Kirschbaum Xplosive Speed 16/1.28 String.

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String Tension Recommendations Compared To... | Talk Tennis

Have been testing out many strings this year, and sometimes the tension just ends up wrong and packs are wasted. Figured I'd start a thread where people can give +- lbs tension suggestions compared to a string. Lynx Tour 17 is going into my racket next. Tension recommendation compared to Hyper...

Wilson Tennis String - Tennis Warehouse

Wilson NXT Power 16/1.30 String. $22.00. Receiving Wilson's highest rating for playability and a strong rating for durability, NXT Power is a recommended synthetic for players looking for a gut like feel. Thicker 16g provides better directional control and durability. Formerly called NXT Tour (same string).

Solinco Confidential 16/1.30 String Review - Tennis Warehouse

Summary. Although it was officially launched in early 2020, Confidential, a shaped co-polyester string from Solinco, has lived in the shadows for a few years.Much of the information surrounding this co-poly, like the proprietary ingredients used to make it and the names of the players who helped develop it, is confidential.

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Solinco Tour Bite 17 & Vanquish 16 Hybrid String. $12.25. A great playing hybrid for players seeking spin, durability, comfort and control. Bulk Order. Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch String. $10.00. This hybrid pairs an ultra spin friendly co-poly with one of the most comfortable multifilaments available. Bulk Order.

Solinco Hyper-G Soft String Review - Tennis Warehouse

Summary. Just as its name implies, Hyper-G Soft is Solinco's slightly softer version of the standard Hyper-G tennis string. Considering Hyper-G is one of the most popular and well-constructed co-polyester monofilament strings on the market, our team entered this playtest with high expectations.

GEAR GUIDE: How to choose the right tennis strings?

The application of force to the strings by a machine to achieve the desired playability of the string bed. Most modern racquets will be strung somewhere between 40-70 pounds (18-32 kilograms) of tension. Typically a racquet will feature a recommended tension range somewhere near the throat of the racquet.

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I like Tecnifibre Multifeel. It's crisp and comfy with decent durability. 10 bucks is the magic price point for a string like this. Price premier power is good too but it's only a bargain when it's on special. That's a tennis warehouse exclusive now I think. Staying in the family. HEAD Velocity is quite good too.