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STROKE – The act of striking the ball with the racquet. TIEBREAK – A system in traditional tennis used to decide a set when the score is tied, 6-all. TOPSPIN – Forward rotation of the ball caused by hitting from low to high. VOLLEY – During play, a stroke made by hitting the ball before it has touched the ground.

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Return: Stroke made by the receiver of a service. Return ace: Shot in which the opponent serves, the receiver returns the serve, and the opponent does not hit the ball. Rising shot: Shot in which the ball is hit before it reaches its apex; also hitting on the rise.

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As with any sport, tennis makes use of specific terminology or vocabulary. If you’re just getting into tennis, the terms on this page will help you become more fluent in the words that players use. From scoring and match play to the court and slang, we have you covered.

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Real tennis refers to ancient indoor tennis, we also call it royal tennis or court tennis (courte-paume in French). While modern tennis is called lawn tennis. While modern tennis is called lawn tennis.

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zero (this meaning is used in tennis only) match point: Ana had her first three match points ...

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26 Essential Tennis Terms. Tennis has plenty of its own lingo that is necessary for every player to learn before they ever set foot on a court. Check out the following list of common tennis terms: Ace: An ace occurs when the service returner cannot make contact with their opponent’s serve at all, resulting in the loss of the point.

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1 Tennis Terminology: Equipment. 1.1 Tennis Racket; 1.2 Tennis Ball; 2 Tennis Terminology: The Court; 3 Tennis Terminology: Scoring; 4 Other Tennis Terms You Should Know; 5 Final Words

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Here are the 100 most important terms that every tennis player needs to know. 1. Ace. A serve that the opponent can’t reach with his racket. 2. Ad Court. Left side of the court. 3. Advantage.