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Pre stretching refers to the practice of stretching a tennis string before you start to string a racquet with it. Rather than just cutting the string off the reel, threading it through the first grommet hole and starting to pull tension with the stringing machine, pre-stretching means you apply some tension to the string to change its properties.

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Pros to Pre-Stretching: The main point for pre-stretching is to remove the coil memory of the string and make it a little easier to handle. This beneficial for difficult strings such as Polyester and Natural Gut.If you give it a nice pre-stretch that's going to reduce the coils and make it easier to work with, this is especially nice for natural gut if you give it a little bit of a pre-stretched that could prevent it from kinking during the stringing process which leads to premature breakage.

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Tennis Warehouse shows you a few methods you can use to pre-stretch your tennis string, and also why pre-stretching is a good idea.

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WHAT IS PRESTRETCHING: Prestretching string is the act of stretching tennis string out of the package prior to installing into a tennis racket. WHAT TYPE OF STRING TO PRESTRETCH: Basically any tennis string can be prestretched but the benefits to prestretching generally apply to multifilament strings, natural gut and polyester based strings.

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How to pre-stretch strings. Tweet. Other Videos on Strings. VIDEO: Why tennis strings go dead; How to pick the right string; 5 Spin-friendly strings; Arm-friendly ...

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If the pre-stretch part of the process is eliminated, the string would have garbage for properties. Following the complete design of the manufacturing process makes it a string suitable for use in tennis. String 2: This string is offered for sale without having been pre-stretched during manufacture.

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The reasons why someone would want to pre-stretch his tennis strings are to maximize tension life and to get rid of coil memory. The strings' coil memory makes it harder to string a tennis racket. maximizing tension life

Unorthodox Stringing: Pre-Stretched Poly

Pre-Stretched Poly. Conventional advice is to tension poly carefully with the slowest pull setting in the machine. That preserves the limited amount of elasticity in the string. ( link) The elasticity of nylon/mutifilaments allow them to stretch about 10-12%, natural gut about 7% and most polys only around 3-4%.

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The more elastic the string, the more tension loss in the racquet after the string job except for gut. Pre-stretching (stretches) the polymer chains in the poly/copoly string and "sets" the string, which reduces tension loss, esp. if done to an extreme, such as 85lbs of tension for 3-5 minutes. The stiffer the string, ie, kevlar at 600 , the less it will stretch: 3" or so, (19' section) while some copolys will stretch a foot or more!