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Tennis elbow | healthdirect

Tennis elbow affects the outside of the elbow. Find out about its symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention on trusted information ...

RACGP - Exercise for knee osteoarthritis

Exercise is recommended as a core treatment for osteoarthritis in all clinical guidelines regardless of patient age, pain levels or disease severity.

RACGP - Autoinflation for glue ear in children

Become a student member today for free and be part of the RACGP community.

RACGP - Topical corticosteroid addiction and withdrawal – An overview ...

Topical corticosteroid (TCS) withdrawal (addiction) is a potential complication of TCS treatment, particularly where there has ...

RACGP - Tendon injuries – practice tips for GPs

Treatment involves pain control and musculotendinous rehabilitation.

RACGP - MRI brain imaging

Presence and severity of cerebral white matter lesions and hypertension, its treatment and its control.

RACGP - Pelvic organ prolapse – a review

The latter is the most common condition and most likely to require surgical treatment.

RACGP - Survival radiology for GPs

A man, 20 years of age, presents following a fall onto his outstretched hand with pain in the elbow and restricted range of motion.

RACGP - An approach to neck pain for the family physician

RACGP Home/ ... This review provides an investigation and treatment paradigm to help primary care physicians assess and manage cervical spine pain.

RACGP - The side of my wrist hurts

This article outlines the key principles for assessment and treatment of De Quervain’s tenosynovitis to enable early diagnosis and successful treatment outcomes.