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Kevin Durant Workout Routine. Basketball is such a sport that primarily requires you to do ...

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Kevin Durant Workout Details: Take a set number of shots from each side of the court for each progression. Examples of Workouts. Beginner - 5 shots attempted on each side of the court. Shoot 5 free throws. Intermediate - 5 shots made on each side of the court. Make 5 free throws. Advanced - 10 shots made on each side of the court. Make 10 Free throws.

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Kevin Durant’s Diet Plan. 2 egg whites. 1 whole egg omelette with spinach and tomato toppings. A Bowl of fresh fruit. Toast ( Gluten-free ).

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1. Attack Help Defender. 2. Freeze Pull-Ups. 3. Hesitate On Drive to Attack. 4. Pick and Pop. 5. Catch and Shoot.

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With his legs spread out a bit further than shoulder width, Durant walks the left dumbbell out a few inches and then the right dumbbell. Fully extended, he drags his feet forward a bit, then does a push-up. After returning to the prone position, Durant walks the left dumbbell forward, then the right, and repeats the motion for 2-4 sets of 3-8 reps.

Kevin Durant's Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Each of Durant’s workouts are divided into 3 segments: mobility, strength, and shooting practice. Mobility Matters Durant always makes sure to warm up prior to his workouts, and does plenty of twists and rotational exercises to loosen up his spine.

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Even though Kevin Durant does not have a fixed workout routine, here are some aspects of his training that he involves in his daily routine. He says, For mobility training: Thoracic spine extension is followed by rotational med ball throws in three sets of eight reps.

Kevin Durant Strength and Shooting Workout, and Diet Plan

Consequently, his workouts are designed to develop both mobility and strength. A part of his workout also involves concentrating on shooting drills. Mobility Training. 2 sets of 30 reps. 1.Thoracic spine extension. 3 sets of 8 reps. 2.Rotational Med Ball Throws. 2 sets of 8-10 reps of each variation. 3.Split-Stance Overhead core matrix. Forward; Rotational; Lateral; Kevin Durant Jump Shot